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The court's decision »IA« 24.kg »should Jeenbekov 5 million soms

The court's decision »IA« 24.kg »should Jeenbekov 5 million soms

The court's decision »IA« 24.kg »should Jeenbekov 5 million soms "The court's decision" IA «24.kg» should Jeenbekov 5 million soms IA « 24.kg » to pay the presidential candidate of the Party of the Social Democratic Party Sooronbai Jeenbekov 5 million soms. Another 5 million soms he has to pay the journalist Kabai Karabekov. This decision was made a judge of the Sverdlovsk regional court of Bishkek Galina Sheen says 24.kg . The lawsuit filed Sooronbai Jeenbekov on the publication of the article the journalist Kabai Karabekova "visit to Sochi. Kremlin again to explain what is good successor? ". Contender for the presidency found an article defaming his honor and dignity. He stressed that the material published during the election campaign, and thus had the purpose to denigrate family Jeenbekov. The first hearing of the action took place on 3 October. However, as such meeting was not - the lawyers representing the defendants, only got a lawsuit on your hands for review. Today, the court began its consideration of the claim. Judge Galina Sheen had the two hours to make a decision. The article was removed from the news site tape at the request of an authorized representative of the candidate Jeenbekov, previously filed a complaint with the CEC.

Разместил: kchr [06/10/2017]

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