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Sariev: KTRK showed Jeenbekov broadcast 127 times in three weeks

Sariev: KTRK showed Jeenbekov broadcast 127 times in three weeks

Sariev: KTRK showed Jeenbekov broadcast 127 times in three weeks Sariev: KTRK showed Jeenbekov in the air 127 times over three weeks from Metin Djumagulov - August 9, 2017 Facebook0VKontakte0Odnoklassniki0WhatsApp former prime minister and presidential candidate Temir Sariyev addressed to the CEC with a complaint of violation of campaigning by the current head of government Sooronbay Jeenbekov. Sariev thought that three weeks Jeenbekov appeared 127 times on air KTRK. Sariev published the text of the complaint and gave "evidence of violation of agitation and use of administrative resources" by the Prime Minister Jeenbekov, who is nominated in the presidential election of the Social Democratic Party. In particular, Sariev has analyzed how many times the Public Radio and Television (KTRK) showed Jeenbekov in his broadcast for the last three weeks - it is estimated that the candidate, 127 times. Sariev detail the dates indicated subjects outputs and described how it was shown Jeenbekov. For example, a story about the fact that the Prime Minister visited the memorial complex Ata Beyit, KTRK showed seven times. "[...] during the nomination as candidate for the post of President Sooronbay Jeenbekov, there is preferential access to the media for the candidate of the Social Democratic Party" - is written in the document. Sariev has previously accused the prime minister and other politicians in the "misuse of official position" for the campaign and promised to appeal to the CEC. He called to Jeenbekov resigned and no longer "use of official position." Jeenbekov himself has not commented on these allegations. Presidential adviser Farid Niyazov said Sariev - "the usual PR-technology" and "baseless accusation". The human rights organization "Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society" Jeenbekov also accused of violations - in particular, the fact that he uses his post of prime minister for propaganda. However, the CEC found no violations while because Jeenbekov at the time had not yet been registered as a presidential candidate. Sariev and Jeenbekov - the presidential candidates in the upcoming elections. The presidential elections held on 15 October this year. Now for the post fight more than 50 candidates.

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