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hanar Akayev: Imprisonment Tekebayev will mean the conclusion of democracy

hanar Akayev: Imprisonment Tekebayev will mean the conclusion of democracy

Zhanar Akayev: Imprisonment Tekebayev will mean the conclusion of democracy August 11, 2017 Zhanar Akayev. Zhanar Akayev. Share Printer View comments "If today the court sentenced Omurbek Tekebayev to the conclusion, it would mean the imprisonment of justice, rule of law and democracy," - said today, August 10 the young politician, deputy of Jogorku Kenesh Zhanar Akayev, who came to the trial. Recall that in the Pervomaisky district court of Bishkek continues consideration of the criminal case against the leader of the party "Ata-Meken" Omurbek Tekebayev and former Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in South Korea Duishenkul Chotonov. It is expected that today, 11 August, after the court pleadings, and the last word of the accused make its verdict. Zhanar Akayev said that if the leader of the "Ata Meken" will be condemned, the voltage may be in the country. He recalled that the April events in 2010 started this way. - Kyrgyzstani Everyone already knew that Omurbek Tekebayev case is politically motivated. Now there are many cases where people who have expressed criticism, try any excuse to imprison. Omurbek Tekebaev was detained on February 26, 2017. In the detention center of GKNB he Duishenkul Chotonov are six months. They were charged under Article 303 Part 1 ( "Corruption") of the Criminal Code. A criminal case on the testimony of citizens of Russia Alekseya Modina and Leonida Maevskogo, who said that in the late Talent Mamatkerimova they passed Omurbek Tekebayev $ 1 million for assistance in the purchase of shares of the company "Megakom" . The defendants called the case political persecution and the investigating authorities point out that it is based on relevant evidence. Zhanar Akayev was elected to parliament from the Social Democratic Party the party, but later fraction excluded him from its ranks of a "deputy position mismatch line faction" .

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