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President changed his mind to sue "Azattyk"

A News from KCHR President changed his mind to sue "Azattyk"

President changed his mind to sue "Azattyk" 
President Almazbek Atambayev proposed that the General Prosecutor's Office to withdraw the claim to "Azattyk Media". It is reported by the press service of the head of state. 

Earlier, the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against two Internet resource - "Azattyk" and Zanoza.kg - in defense of the honor and dignity of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. Amounts of claims 3 million or 10 million som each. Later, the head of the supervisory authority has filed one more statement to the same media with a similar amount. Another three cases, each of 3 million soms, Indira Dzholdubaeva filed separately on editors "Splinters" Dina Maslova and Naryn Ayypa, as well as the head of the legal clinic "Adilet" Cholpon Dzhakupova. 

The press service of the President noted that on 30 March met with President Almazbek Atambayev media companies Radio "Free Europe" / Radio "Liberty" Thomas Kent on his own request. "During the meeting they discussed the problem of ensuring balance and objectivity in covering events in the country, journalism fairness issues, the reasons for the generation of opinions about the engagement of individual journalists. Specific reference was made to discredit the inadmissibility of the most important and sacred to the people of Kyrgyzstan, the principles of freedom of speech ", - said in a statement. 

"For since the time of the meeting in the activities of radio" Azattyk "a positive trend, a better balance and suspension aired by radio materials and publications of the media" - believe the press service of the President. 

The machine head of state referred to the opinion of experts, which "mark quality improvement in the coverage of the event on the radio" Azattyk ". "With the unconditional preservation of the principles of free journalism and freedom of speech on the radio" Azattyk "taken the appropriate measures regarding compliance with editorial policy, including on prior systemic legal analysis of the disputed provisions in the preparation of materials in the air and publications on the website. It is also noted that the above litigation contributed to revitalization of the entire media community and non-governmental sector, and most importantly - of the discussion about the quality of the work of journalists and the need to review some of the stereotypes that led to the discrediting of freedom of speech. All of these processes within the media community, according to President Almazbek Atambayev, lead to the improvement and enhancement of the national information space, "- noted the press service. 

Разместил: kchr [17/05/2017]

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