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The murder of a businessman in Osh: the suspect party claims of torture - broken ribs, put on his head package

A News from KCHR The murder of a businessman in Osh: the suspect party claims of torture - broken ribs, put on his head package 

The murder of a businessman in Osh: the suspect party claims of torture - broken ribs, put on his head package (photo, video) 
• Osh oblast, Osh 
• 06.03.2017 14:35 

Turmush - Relatives of the detainee on suspicion of the murder of a businessman in Osh told of torture by law enforcement officials. This they reported on March 6 press conference in AKIpress-Osh. 

The press conference was reminded that in the morning on 24 February, the signs of violent death was found dead Abdiraima Japarova entrepreneur - the owner of the gas station. On suspicion of murdering his colleague was detained Zhenish uulu Kanibek. His relatives said that the police tortured and beaten Kanybeka, after which he confessed to committing the murder. The police, in turn, denies the fact of torture. 

the suspect's father - Zhenish Israilov said that his son is innocent. "We will never believe that our son is capable of murder. He never with anyone not much in conflict. Police detained him unreasonably. With his former management was neutral relations - no quarrels, there were no conflicts. Law enforcement authorities to solve the crime, arrested my son and "hung up" on his case. At the same time, they do not allow us to meet Kanybek. Several times I asked to arrange a meeting. He - our only son, "- says Zh.Israilov. 

They also added that the murder of his colleague Kanibek learned when he came to the gas station. Then he was summoned for questioning at the police, but he was released. Two days later he was being detained on the grounds that he had a conflict with the direction of the gas station. 

As the suspect's lawyer - Kubanych Zhumabaev, police broke Kanybeku edge. Now the status of his client is assessed as unsatisfactory. "We have learned of the death of the deputy director of the gas station. But then, on suspicion of murder detained Zhenish uulu Kanybeka. He was detained on 25 February but later released. Then, on February 26 of its re-detained, beaten and forced to confess. The investigator conducted the interrogation of a suspect without a lawyer, all he wrote, and then forced to sign Kanybeka. Unable to withstand the beatings, Kanibek confessed to the crime, which has nothing to do. At the meeting on February 28, he told us that he did not commit this crime. He also described how he was tortured - have put on the head of the packet. He is now broken ribs, he is in serious condition in the detention center. We decided to make an examination, but we do not give, "- said the lawyer. 

He also added that the witness testified the taxi driver, according to which the suspect is a completely different person. But the police department of the city of Osh refused to verify this fact. "Witness the taxi driver claims that on February 24 saw a man in athletic clothes, stained with blood, went on microdistrict Anar. Then he sat in his taxi, the car interior is also stained with blood. But the police did not check this fact. Now attempts to increase tension between the injured party and the defense, "- said K.Zhumaev. 

The lawyer and the detainee's parents wrote to the prosecutor that has been audited by the fact of torture. The answer is not received. 

A spokesman for the city police department of Osh Zamir Sydykov alleges that the accused party claims of torture to escape liability. "After the arrest, he immediately confessed to the crime. Such allegations of torture are many, they say, to be justified. He was interrogated only in the framework of the law, he is being held in jail. His condition is satisfactory, "- he said. 

As informed in the police department of the city of Osh earlier, on February 24 at the entrance of a multi-storey residential building in the neighborhood Anar A. Japarova body was found with signs of violent death. In this incident was a criminal case under Art. 97 of the Criminal Code ( "Murder"). 

February 25 on suspicion of committing the crime, was detained JK, born in 1990. 

As found out the investigation, the detainee is a former colleague who was killed. At the time of his arrest, he did not work. JK I will plant in the detention center. 


During the investigations the detainee admitted that he owed a large sum of money killed. To pay the debt, which according to some sources was 40 th. Soms, I decided to intimidate the detainee A. Japarova. Taking scrap valves and knife, he waylaid him in the stairwell and struck several blows on the head with a metal and then stabbed. 

suspect evidence 

According to ATC data, killed Japarov worked as an operator at the gas station "IPA" in Osh. According to others, Japarov was the manager of the gas station. 

Abdraiym Japarov

Разместил: kchr [19/03/2017]

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