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Bishkek detained on the march for freedom of expression was arrested for five days

A News from KCHR Bishkek detained on the march for freedom of expression was arrested for five days 

Bishkek detained on the march for freedom of expression was arrested for five days 
From Alexander Titov - 18/03/2017 
Police detained at least four members in the midst of the march for freedom of speech in Bishkek on March 18. They were arrested for five days. The march in defense of freedom of speech was organized after a multi-million dollar lawsuits president and his party against "Azattyk" online publication, "Splinter" and 24.kg . 

Photo-report about how was the Freedom March, can be found here. 

Police detained the deputy Kanybek Imanaliev and four other people. Imanaliev, however, was soon released. 
The police detained, according to preliminary data, four marchers - Mawlana Askarbekova, Azamat Attokurova, Aibek Mirza Rasul Mambetalieva and when they were crossing the road at the intersection of the central streets of Bishkek Abdrakhmanov (former Soviet) and Bokonbaeva. 

The procession started at about 10:30 am in the Victory Park on the southern gate, and should have ended at the monument to the VGA Salieva in the center of Bishkek. The march was attended by about a hundred people attended. 

Initially, according to activists, the Bishkek City Hall has allowed them to go to the procession to the monument Salieva at the intersection of Prospect Street and Chui Abdrakhmanov. However, during the procession of police told the activists that their movement is allowed only to the streets of Leo Tolstoy, and the march to be completed there. 

Nevertheless, some activists have continued to march on toward Chui. 

In the midst of the march in the streets and the intersection of Bokonbaeva Abdrakhmanov, some of the participants of the procession tried to enter the roadway. The police, security monitoring during the march of activists started to forcibly pull off to the side of the demonstrators and put them in a ready-made buses. Buses follow the marchers as they with banners to the sound of pipes and drums were going along the central streets of Bishkek. 

Police had prepared three buses. 
Due to the actions of the police there was a crush - the marchers attempted to release the detainees, but police officers lined the tight ring of buses and the roadway. 

Among those detained were several people: MP Kanybek Imanaliev, activists Mavlyan Askarbekov, Azamat Attokurov, Aibek Mirza Rasul Umbetaliev. In addition, he was detained journalist Bi-Bi-Si Abdybek Kaziev. 

The police almost immediately released the deputy Imanaliev, and then released, and the journalist Bi-Bi-Si, according to one of the organizers of the march, activist Edil Baisalov. 

The rest were taken to Sverdlovsk District Court. 

Police marching pushes off the bus with detainees. 
The trial of the participants in the march began at 15:00 and was closed. 

"We were not allowed to go to the meeting of the court, only to let deputies, as we all other standing outside the courthouse. It is the administrative order is the court, they may impose a fine or even arrest, can be reached. So far nothing is clear, just can not say even when the session is over, "- he said in an interview Baysalov Kloop.kg. 

Despite the arrest of several activists, march participants continued the procession. 

Prior to the VGA Salieva monument in the center of Bishkek, which was originally planned to finish the rally, came only about 40 people out of a hundred. There Baysalov thanked the participants of the procession and asked them to go to the building of the Sverdlovsk court, where he was held trial detainees. 

One of the detainees, activist Azamat Attokurov, wrote on his facebook that the court decision was not, and the detainees taken to the detention center. 

notifies the mayor's office 

The organizer of the march Baisalov. 
According to the organizers, they warned the Bishkek Mayor's Office on the proposed action for 10 March, but the deputy chief of the Internal Affairs of Oktyabrsky district Arman Nasipkulov banned activists to march along the central streets of Bishkek - Abdrakhmanov, citing a court ban. Then the activists - about a hundred people - have agreed to go on the sidewalk, but to cross the road on each pedestrian crossing on their way to attract the attention of others. 

The press service of the Bishkek Mayor's Office reported that they had received notice of the march and rally in support of the journalists was held in the framework of the law. To ensure safety during the march with the protesters along the central streets were several policemen. 

The march took Politicians, human rights activists and civil society activists. Journalists themselves on the march were few - mostly those who have it covered. 

From politicians procession led by MPs, the opposition from the party "Ata Meken". They claimed that the authorities had "put pressure" on both the media and the judiciary. 

On the march he was seen and MP pro-presidential party PDAP Zhanar Akayev, who do not always support the general line of the Party. In the past, Akayev, a journalist edition of "Azattyk", against whom the Prosecutor General's Office today put forward claims on protection of honor and dignity of the president. 

President against the media 

President Almazbek Atambayev criticized in the media address in March of this year against the background of confrontation with the opposition, a member of parliament Omurbek Tekebayev. 

Politicians accuse each other of corruption - Tekebayev Atambayev was interested in the origin of the capital, and that, in turn, demanded to investigate the involvement of Tekebayev to looting during the revolution of April 7, 2010. 

For the first time in Kyrgyzstan for several days - from 6 to 13 March - President filed five lawsuits against journalists on the total amount of 29 million soms. In addition, the pro-presidential party the Social Democrats sued edition 24.kg and human rights defender Rita Karasartova two million soms. 

Human rights defender Rita Karasartova on the march of freedom. 
General Prosecutor's Office has filed lawsuits against the media "Azattyk" and "Splinter" honor and dignity of the president for "spreading false information" - they covered the press conference of lawyers Party Tekebayev, who stated that the goods in fallen near Bishkek Airport Turkish "Boeing", including electronics and precious metals owned by the president and his family. The government then called the statement "absurd", and the document shown to journalists - "fake". 

Later, two more followed suit to the "thorn" and "Azattyk" that the words quoted Tekebayev about the alleged business interests and property of the president in the offshore Cyprus, as well as a lawsuit against the founder of "Splinters" Naryn Ayypa for the article 2015. In it, he was interested in the origin of funds in the fund of President Atambayev, from which he singled out the money to various people from welfare. 

Publications believe unsubstantiated claims, because they are literally quoted sources. 

Kloop.kg Videos march in defense of freedom of speech. 

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