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Statement Atambayev in connection with the situation in the media

A News from KCHR Statement Atambayev in connection with the situation in the media 

March 11, 2017 
Statement Atambayev in connection with the situation in the media 

Atambaev: prtiv I conducted a campaign of lies, slander and defamation 

Press-service of the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev issued a statement the head of state about the "campaign of lies, slander and defamation" against him, says K-News. 
"Lately in the Kyrgyz Republic under the slogan of the right of freedom of press a bunch of supposedly independent journalists, the media and politicians, actually require for yourself right away with slander and throw mud disagreeable people and, above all, a popularly elected president of independent Kyrgyzstan. 
Such a campaign in some media, and even in social networks is being targeted for the past few years and especially intensified since last summer. The campaign of lies, slander and defamation. The shameless and immoral substitution of lies and slander against the saints for our people the principles of freedom of speech. 
I would like to recall that the main responsibility and the right of journalists and the media - is bringing to the people honest and truthful information, objective facts, not create fake news, lies, and slander. 
Citizens of Kyrgyzstan should understand that the true purpose of these supposedly independent journalists, the media and politicians is not a search for truth, and the destabilization of the situation in Kyrgyzstan before the upcoming November election of a new president by discrediting through lies and slander popularly elected head of state and of our country in the eyes the world community. Realizing that Kyrgyzstan has in recent years steadily rises to his feet and finding no other means, these people have chosen lies and slander as the only weapon in their dishonest and dirty game. It is time to remind the relevant authorities of the country this psevdobortsam for freedom that the law is mandatory for all, not just for a popularly elected president. 
Now our country and the people of Kyrgyzstan want peace and stability, unity and solidarity. Achieved with great difficulty, citizens' rights and freedoms should not be farmed out to distributors of lies and slander ", - said in a statement. 

PDAP went hawking. Splinter, Azattyk, is now 24-ka. We have also filed a lawsuit - that for this material. On the protection of honor and dignity of the party. What is not true article? And how can you protect something that can not be in the organization? 
Before you leave a comment, think and then take you to court will be served. 

Regions of Kyrgyzstan showed the ruling party's teeth 

Kyrgyzstan Regions rose and showed his teeth. The deputies refused to vote for candidates for the posts of mayors from the ruling party - the Social Democratic Party. The method of protest chosen original, but effective - the failure of the election. 

Mutiny in Kara-Balta 

The most scandalous was the election of the mayor of Kara-Balta. City Council since the beginning of the work is on the verge of dissolution. 

First, the deputies were unable to gather for the first session. Deputies of the Social Democratic Party, "Republic" and "Eldik-People" simply did not show up for the meeting. 

Select members of the Speaker could only the fourth attempt. Toraga City Kenesh Kara-Balta became the candidate of the majority coalition. 

But it was not a victory. The remaining members of the minority to disrupt the elections of the city mayor. And the tactics chosen the same - just do not show up for the session. For the election did not have the presence of two people's deputies. 

The post of the mayor of Kara-Balta claim Acting mayor Daniyar Shabdanov and ex-deputy of the City Kenesh from the party "Akshumkar" Kubanichbek Dzhanbolotov. 

The second time the mayor will choose today, 8 February. Dissatisfied policy Daniyar Shabdanova people came out on the eve of the protests in Kara-Balta and Bishkek. 

"Our main requirement - to cancel the registration Daniyar Shabdanova in connection with the excited against him in criminal cases. We offer a fraction of the Social Democratic Party to nominate any other candidate. We will support it. Among them are decent people ", - said the leader of the party" Elaman "Muhabbat Tokombaeva. 

Dissatisfaction with work Daniyar Shabdanova expressed repeatedly by deputies of the former convocation. They even raised the question of removing him from his post. However, this did not have enough votes. After Daniyar Shabdanov is the candidate of the majority coalition. 

Mayoral elections sabotage across the country 

The problem in Kara-Balta is not the only case. The situation is similar throughout the country. According to the CEC, 24 aiyl aimags Kyrgyzstan is not the election of the heads of executive bodies of local self-government. 

In January will be elections of heads of ayil okmotu in 213 local authorities. In 189 of these elections are considered valid. In 11 aiyl keneshes there was no quorum, and 13 candidates received the necessary number of votes. 

Two keneshes Sokuluk district, Chui region will be re-elections of heads of AO. In Kyzyl-Tuisk aiyl kenesh not held elections of heads of local executive authorities due to the fact that the candidates received the necessary number of votes, and in the Frunze kenesh there was no quorum. In Panfilov district deputies two aiyl councils also were not at the meeting in protest against the government. 

The five cities of the elections did not take place due to lack of quorum in the two - because of the fact that none of the candidates receives the required number of votes. 

In Batken oblast not elected mayors and Khaidarkan Kadamdzhaya in Chui oblast - Kant, Kara-Balta and Kemin, in the Jalal-Abad region - in Tash-Kumyr in Issyk-Kul oblast - in Cholpon-Ata. 

In two cities - Jalal-Abad and Talas - can not choose the speaker council. In Jalal-Abad majority coalition could be created only at the second attempt. In Talas, the Speaker is not elected due to lack of quorum. 

PDAP exhausted the reserves? 

Civil society activists also do not understand why the Social Democrats as candidates for holding, which is opposed by the local population. Director of the Public Association "Institute of social analysis" Rita Karasartova said that the impression about the absence of the party in power of a personnel reserve. 

They began to play politics, sell positions to the right and to the left. And the local population knows what kind of candidates. If a person is worthy to it will not claim. 
Rita Karasartova 

As an example it has resulted Jalalabad. There has traditionally people no longer support the party "Onuguu-Progress", and the mayor of the city is the representative of the Social Democratic Party faction. Neither members nor local people have nothing against this state of affairs. The mayor himself has worked well. 

MPs threaten the dissolution 

Yesterday, to be held repeated elections Kadamdzhaya mayor. However, the session once again thwarted. Not gain quorum. 12 deputies have come to the meeting of 21. 

Today, the mayor elections in Kara-Balta. However, there is a minority coalition MPs are not going to come to the session. They argue about the pressure and the use of administrative resources by Daniyar Shabdanova. 

"Our only legal possibility to influence the outcome of elections - to prevent a quorum. And we will use it. We are ready to give up seats, just to Daniyar Shabdanov not become mayor of the city, "- commented the leader of the party" Elaman "Muhabbat Tokombaeva. 

According to the law on local government, if the deputies twice can not elect a mayor or none of the candidates receives the required number of votes, the Central Election Commission sends the proposal to the president for early dissolution of the City Kenesh. 

Rita Karasartova recalls that the worst thing in this situation - the appointment of a new election. The minimal cost of their activity - 500 thousand soms. It turns out that for the organization of repeat local elections will take at least 6 million soms. 

"As a result, Kenesh will come the same people. For example, of the 11 new members from the former 10 will be ended. The law does not, that the deputies can not run again. The state is not conducive to the development of local self-government. The problem arose not today and not yesterday. It has long been worked out mechanisms, such as the right to push the candidacy, "- says Rita Karasartova. 

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