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31.03.2009 : On all territory of Kyrgyzstan, on March 27th 2009, meetings of oppositionists passed.

30.03.2009 : 2.Opposition about a meeting on 27th of March.

30.03.2009 : In Bishkek the editor-in-chief and the correspondent of "the Moscow Komsomol» are plundered and beaten

28.03.2009 :
The Press Release - The Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights (KCHR)

26.03.2009 : The authorities of Issyk-Kul began to execute not approved bill limiting activity of the noncommercial organisations

25.03.2009 : Uyghur American Association condemns demolition of Kashgar Old City

24.03.2009 : Deputies try to limit activity of NGO - Askarbek Shadiev: What is an NGO to criticize a people selected Parliament of Kyrgyzstan?

24.03.2009 : Hypocrisy of the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: No any reference from citizens about application of tortures by militiamen have arrived to me

23.03.2009 : Kyrgyzstan: Alleged torture and ill-treatment of 70-year-old Mr. Vladislav Trusov

23.03.2009 : In Kyrgyzstan the ex-deputy of parliament is taken into custody for a period of 15 days

20.03.2009 : FIDH - Sudan/ICC - Joint press release : NGOs express their solidarity to Sudanese victims and Human Rights defenders and support the ICC ...

20.03.2009 : Uyghur American Association welcomes Attorney General Holder’s remarks on the possibility of releasing Guantanamo Uyghurs into the United States

20.03.2009 : In Chui area of Kyrgyzstan activity of 21 religious centers is suspended.

20.03.2009 : 11 Non-commercial organizations (NCOs) of Kyrgyzstan together addressed in support of Children's home "Meerim Bulagy"

17.03.2009 : Two Uyghurs in Hotan sentenced to lengthy prison terms for peaceful political expression

17.03.2009 : 11 Non-commercial organizations (NCOs) of Kyrgyzstan together addressed in support of Children's home "Meerim Bulagy"

17.03.2009 : Speech : Согласно Конституции Кыргызской Республики, принятой в октябре 2007 года,..

16.03.2009 : The opposition will spend political actions across Kyrgyzstan on March 27th

16.03.2009 : The Ex-head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alikbek Dzhekshenkulov is detained on suspicion in partnership in murder of the citizen of Turkey.

10.03.2009 : URGENT APPEAL - THE OBSERVATORY KGZ 001 / 0309 / OBS 045

10.03.2009 : Threat by murder or tortures of Beknazarov Ernest.

10.03.2009 : Holiday eve, on March 7th in the evening after 20.00 in the city of Osh

09.03.2009 : Discrimination of relatives or acquaintances of opposition. Mass pressure upon relatives of oppositionists and legal experts.

09.03.2009 : Yesterday Maxim Kuleshov was detained and was placed in the first branch of the Republican centre of mental health.

06.03.2009 : Attempt on murder of the political analyst of the newspaper "Reporter-Bishkek" of Syrgak Abdyldaev is made.

06.03.2009 : Torture of 70 years old Karakol townsman Vladislav Trusov.

05.03.2009 : Journalist narrowly survives after being stabbed 21 times

04.03.2009 : NGO by the Government of Kyrgyzstan and here now there were comments of initiators under the name of the Politician and NGO

03.03.2009 : KCHR 25th of February informed on the next attempt of the government to limit activity of NGO

02.03.2009 : Press release - International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights (KCHR)

02.03.2009 : Kyrgyzstan: The opposition to run protest demonstrations throughout the country in March

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