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19.12.2008 : The International Secretariat of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) has received new information about the following situation in Kyrgyzstan.

03.12.2008 : Old methods against opposition of the Leader of National democratic party of Kyrgyzstan "Uluu Birimdik"

03.12.2008 : The party Green declares about a detention of some delegates of the conference Kurultai by militia from the given party

01.12.2008 : Kyrgyzstan says "NO" to the Uzbek refugees

28.11.2008 : The Ministry of Justice refuses to the oppositional organization newspaper registration, declares - Ata Meken

27.11.2008 : Official earlier accused by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in bribery in the size of $10 thousand became the minister

26.11.2008 : The state enterprise «Kyrgyz Railroads» has wallowed in corruption


25.11.2008 : The court intends to auction an apartment of the known journalist in Kyrgyzstan, and her – to move out

24.11.2008 : The Kyrgyz government has decided to kill all poor citizens

20.11.2008 : The court has fined again on a 2000 soms and thus for a week Kuleshov is fined on a 4000 soms

18.11.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: to the Author of article in the newspaper "Reporter-Bishkek" have been threatened to a punishment

18.11.2008 : In Kyrgyzstan the person Is right when he has more rights, even when he violates the

17.11.2008 : The car of the head of a staff of Azimbek Beknazarov's National revolutionary movement of Kyrgyzstan was burnt.

16.11.2008 : Arzigul Tursun, in China's northwestern Xinjiang region, scheduled to undergo an abortion against her will

12.11.2008 : The open letter of representatives of Evangel-Christian churches of KR to the president of the Kyrgyz Republic

07.11.2008 : The journalist of the popular Russian-speaking edition Business is invited on interrogation

06.11.2008 : The correspondent of the "Kabar" on the Osh area Altynbek Zholdoshev has been beaten by unknown persons

04.11.2008 : In Uigur area of Almaty there is Ş«a restriction of influence Uigur minority

03.11.2008 : The public prosecutor and militia beat the prisoner with a presence of legal experts

03.11.2008 : China ideology takes root into Kyrgyzstan

29.10.2008 : The court has condemned for "Goodbye to fear" and letters "A" and "B" the organizer of the action "Street lessons of Democracy"


28.10.2008 : In the town of Kant relatives of the missing deputy of parliament have blocked the road Bishkek - Balykchy

28.10.2008 : In capital of Kyrgyzstan legal expert Maxim Kuleshov is detained again

24.10.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: Torture and ill-treatment in police custody to obtain confession_Fear for safety

20.10.2008 : The Observatory: Press release: Kyrgyzstan: Serious hindrances to the work of human rights defenders

25.09.2008 : Case KGZ 240908 Torture and ill-treatment/ Incommunicado detention/ Fear for safety/ Fear of unfair trial

23.09.2008 : Torture including threat of rape/ Pre-trial detention

16.09.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: the President has signed the law limiting the right to a freedom of assembly and meetings

16.09.2008 : Judges warn editor-in-chief “De-facto” of excitation of criminal case.

16.09.2008 : On August 13th in the regional central office "Ata Meken" there was an attack.

16.09.2008 : In Jalal-Abad the attack on the editor-in-chief of the bulletin "the Right for all" was made.

16.09.2008 : In Kyrgyzstan on property of the oppositional newspaper "De-fakto" was put an arrest.

16.09.2008 : Yadgar Turlibekov: the Uzbek refugees in Kyrgyzstan - costs of democracy?

16.09.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: the circulation of the oppositional newspaper "Alibi" is arrested.

16.09.2008 : In Kyrgyzstan there is a rough violation of the Uigur minority rights,

16.09.2008 : Torture

16.09.2008 : Criminal case against the newspaper "Alibi" is launched in Kyrgyzstan

16.09.2008 : Relatives of the condemned in a colony 16 declare about «brutal punishments over prisoners

16.09.2008 : Dear JORG VOLKER KETELSEN,

16.09.2008 : In Kyrgyzstan after detention of the editor of "Alibi", publishers of other oppositional edition – "De facto" - are compelled to abscond.

10.09.2008 : A “Life or Death Struggle” in East Turkestan

10.09.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: the Journalist has been sentenced to pay for the penalty of unwritten article.

10.09.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: In Bishkek the editor-in-chief of the oppositional newspaper "Alibi."

31.07.2008 : On July 19, 2008 Kurmanbek Bakiev, the President of Kyrgyz Republic (KR) appointed the deputy..

31.07.2008 : Rebiya Kadeer meets with President Bush at the White House

28.07.2008 : Asel Ainidinova was detained in SCNS more than month

17.07.2008 : It is easy to feel the strength of political regime

16.07.2008 : Corruption of the president Bakiev

16.07.2008 : The Internet sites criticizing authority constantly are exposed to hacker attacks.

11.07.2008 : Investigation of an affair under the newspaper "de facto" is finished.

10.07.2008 : Leader of political parties "Zamandash" is arrested and installed in isolator

07.07.2008 : Judicial harassment forces Bishkek newspaper to suspend publishing

04.07.2008 : Editor-in-chief of "Dе-facto"  C.Orozobekova is charged under article "obviously false denunciation".

03.07.2008 : Restrictions of the rights and freedom of Uyghur  minority.

02.07.2008 : Minister of Justice M.Kajypov suspects some NGO's in executing of orders of foreign countries

01.07.2008 : Last three years we hear only empty promises

30.06.2008 : Arrest of human rights activist  Maxim Kuleshov for 10 days


26.06.2008 : The number of newspaper De-facto was not released for the third time

25.06.2008 : Appeal of Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights

21.06.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: Alleged torture and ill-treatment in detention

20.06.2008 : The Norwegian Helsinki Committee in Kyrgyzstan raided

18.06.2008 : Soldiers, security checks and arrests- the Olympic torch in East Turkistan

18.06.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: In Bishkek participants of the action «grant 1 som to the state for elderly people» are detained

18.06.2008 : Parliament of Kyrgyzstan actually deprived citizens  from the right to peace assembly.

16.06.2008 : Kyrgyzstan:  Militia has withdrawn computers of the oppositional newspaper «De-fàkto»

16.06.2008 : Students of art school declare that they were expeled for the request of  normal conditions for study

12.06.2008 : Case KGZ 120608 - Alleged torture/ Incommunicado detention/ Fear of unfair trial

12.06.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: Tortures that last for nine months On June, 6th, 2008

11.06.2008 : In Bishkek the office of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) for human rights was "visited" by militiamen

10.06.2008 : Nazarbek Nyshanov: if president KR before June 30 2008 voluntary will not leave a post, I will burn myself.

10.06.2008 : Corruption is an obstacle for development of democracy

09.06.2008 : Deputy  of Public Parliament is under prosecution

09.06.2008 : Ombudsman in Kyrgyzstan

06.06.2008 : The next fatc of tortures was revealed by human rights activist in Issykkul oblast

06.06.2008 : For the last year in Kyrgyzstan on different celebrations there was spent a sum, equal to volume of its external debt.

06.06.2008 : Another case of tortures was revealed by human rights advocates of Issyk-Kul region.

04.06.2008 : Lawlessness  in Zhalalabad

04.06.2008 : June 2,  2008. President Bakiev, that came to power in result of "tulip"

02.06.2008 : Empolyee of militia have legal proceedings with newspaper “Tribuna”

02.06.2008 : The court session on consideration of the president’s (Kurmanbek Bakiev) relative to two newspapers continues.

21.05.2008 : Violence over children

21.05.2008 : China prosecutes Uigur minority even abroad

20.05.2008 : In Kyrgyzstan works a programm on elimanting of elder generation

20.05.2008 : Human rights activist, that spent action on collection of signatures for ahead of schedule resignation og president of Kyrgyzstan was delivered to office of public prosecutor

19.05.2008 : Erkin Halikov was given out to Uzbekistan.

19.05.2008 : Charged in falsificated crimninal case on terrorism A. Uldashev sentenced to 2 years of  suspended sentence.

15.05.2008 : How Kyrgyz migrants are robed on Russian and Kazakh railways?

13.05.2008 : In case of the sudden death the ex-assistant to the governor of the Osh oblast asks to blame authority

12.05.2008 : Is there any law for officials?

07.05.2008 : Bakiev has undertaken an ether

02.05.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: the Pedestrian march in protection of territorial integrity is severely suppressed by authorities

28.04.2008 : They tried to grasp our TV channel 3 times”

25.04.2008 : President Bakiev declaring about decrease of corruption sneers at people.

24.04.2008 : J. Joldosheva: Last 5-6 years Office of Public Prosecutor, SNS, the Ministry of Internal Affairs

23.04.2008 : Nine days it was required to responsibles of State Office of Public Prosecutor KR

23.04.2008 : Management of the state TV channel of Kyrgyzstan again has not released in an ether the program of radio "Azattyk"

18.04.2008 : In  capital of Kyrgyzstan court has already considered  cases of 34 person from 50 arrested persons for participation in protest action.

17.04.2008 : Attacks on websites

16.04.2008 : In Talas the office of NGO was roded

14.04.2008 : Let's remind  that KCHR distributed  the information on April 10, about detained 52 participants

11.04.2008 : About 50 participants of the action against transfer of the ground areas and boarding houses to Kazakhstan were detained today

10.04.2008 : Representative of  the oppositional party, that came  with the letter in the Central Electoral Committee of Kyrgyzstan

10.04.2008 : Members of Supervisory council "ElTR " are indignant by dismissial of the general director of the company without their knowledge

09.04.2008 : Pervomaisky district  court of capital of Kyrgyzstan has fined human rights activist Maxim Kuleshov on 3 thousand soms

08.04.2008 : After Bakiev's order courts, public prosecutors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Service of National Security....

04.04.2008 : Student participants of action “I don’t believe ” are under pressure

28.03.2008 : Only 15 minutes proceeded the action on the occasion of celebrating of the Day

26.03.2008 : Under mysterious circumstances died  known journalist Danil Kyshtobaev.

25.03.2008 : Unknown persons conducted a search in house of member of Public parliament - Roza Nurmatova

24.03.2008 : May Day district court on March, 18th, 2008, having considered case about administrative infringement

21.03.2008 : The Ministry of Internal Affairs before March, 21 and 24 will trace activity of opposition to not admit meetings

21.03.2008 : About  tests by the Russian militarians of torpedos at the  lake Issykkul

20.03.2008 : TV "September"

18.03.2008 : Bishkek mayoralty has given up to movement « For validity » in carrying out of People's assembly

18.03.2008 : In Osh human rights activist Ravshan Gaparov was arrested.

15.03.2008 : De Facto:  866 hectares of the lan in Issykul oblast  will be given to the Navy of Russia

12.03.2008 : Me name is Abdraeva Ainura – I am an unwed mother of two children.

12.03.2008 : PRC continues to exaggerate "terror" threat

12.03.2008 : In the opinion of social movement « For validity » authorities want  to close newspapers «De facto» and "Alibi".

11.03.2008 : Authorities of Kyrgyzstan confirm, that Taiwan is a part of China

10.03.2008 : Corruption : Feb 29. Newspaper “Aalam” informs: we know that new Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Tursunbek Akun

06.03.2008 : Authorities  in every possible way limits all oppositional  movements.

04.03.2008 : Tomorrow will take place court session concerning case of newspapers "Alibi" and "De facto"

03.03.2008 : Son of Janysh Bakiev has brought an action against newspapers "Alibi" and «De facto»

02.03.2008 : Results of Trial Monitoring in Kyrgyzstan

29.02.2008 : KYRGYZSTAN : Concern voiced about delays in investigation into the murder of Alisher Sayipov

27.02.2008 : Tortures in militia. A technique of "beating out" recognitions ( without comments )

26.02.2008 : Kyrgyzstan has joined the Optional protocol to Convention 2002 of General Assembly of the United Nations

25.02.2008 : Soldier Kyrgyz army has served 52 days. Then to his parents have given out his corpse

22.02.2008 : Al Kaida is laundering money in Kyrgyzstan?..

21.02.2008 : The management of a telechannel "September" approves attempts of inderdiction to work of  telechannel

20.02.2008 : Two minor-inhabitants of Karakol of Issykkul oblast Temir Joldoshbek uulu and Chyngyz Januzakov, arrested

19.02.2008 : Black-list

18.02.2008 : Seketaeva Eles was forced to write a letter

11.02.2008 : Hunger-strikers despite of refusal of the president of Kyrgyzstan to accept resignation

09.02.2008 : [UHRP Press Release] Deception, Pressure,and Threats: The Transfer of Young Uyghur Women to Eastern China

09.02.2008 : In  Bishkek one of participants of the action of hunger-strike was  taken away in hospital, approve strikers

08.02.2008 : Hunger-strikers despite of refusal of the president of Kyrgyzstan to accept resignation of the head of NTVRC, will continue their action

08.02.2008 : 40  days - on January, 25th  passed forty days from the past in December parliamentary elections.

07.02.2008 : Schoolchildren  joined a radical islam by means of computers

06.02.2008 : Since January 31 employees of NTVRC continue hunger-strike.

06.02.2008 : In  1999 when in Batken oblast terrorists have taken in hostages 4 Japanese geologists during Batken war

06.02.2008 : Remembering the Ghulja Massacre

05.02.2008 : Minor prisoners declare about tortures

01.02.2008 : In Kyrgyzstan  the bill limiting a freedom of worship and creeds is finished

01.02.2008 : Juridical charges for expression of opinion by keeping silence.

30.01.2008 : Militian genocide

29.01.2008 : Among arrested persons are: Sydykov Tilek, Bakasov Aibek, Mamatkadyrova Aichurek,...

28.01.2008 : L'Observatoire: Bulletin n° 43: Juillet Août Septembre 2007

28.01.2008 : After elections which many have passed with mass falsifications, were arrested youth NGO's...

24.01.2008 : The transport mafia threatens foreign investors.

24.01.2008 : Kyrgyzstan created the revolutionary committee, called to compel to retire present  head of the state

24.01.2008 : In Osh has begun the court above lawyer-refugee Saidkamol Ahmedov

24.01.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: Torture of a woman in police custody / Detention

24.01.2008 : HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH - Kyrgyzstan: Human Rights Watch's Letter to President Bakiev on Freedom of Assembly

17.01.2008 : Corruption - T.Kalimbetova Minister of finance has declared, that she is relative of President K.Bakiev

17.01.2008 : People suffered from earthquake are discontent because of lack of help from authorities.

16.01.2008 : Total check of oppositional parties. So has begun check of activity of company "Oberon "

16.01.2008 : The Observatory: Kyrgyzstan: Arbitrary detention and subsequent sentencing of eight human rights defenders

16.01.2008 : The coordinator of Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan in Issykkul oblast is under prosecution

15.01.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: Follow-up of case KGZ 170707_Fear of impunity

15.01.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: Follow-up of case KGZ 250407_Fear of impunity

15.01.2008 : Tursunbai Bakir uulu thinks, that T. Akun cannot become  Ombudsman

15.01.2008 : Shanghai Cooperation Organization Should Not Undermine Rights in Name of Security

15.01.2008 : Kyrgyzstan: Ensure Justice for Murdered Journalist

15.01.2008 : Round table on combating trafficking in human beings: state policies, dynamics and ways forward, 13–14 December 2007

14.01.2008 : In Sverdlovsk RDIA of Bishkek applied tortures to pregnant woman

11.01.2008 : The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders


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