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27.12.2007 : On December 25 director of south TV channel “September” Asylbek Tekebaev was summoned to Suzak RDIA.

27.12.2007 : Kyrgyzstan: Refugees Between a Rock and a Hard Place

26.12.2007 : On December 20, near the building of CEC and on square Alatoo in Bishkek were detained participants of action “I don’t believe”,

24.12.2007 : On December 23 in Bishkek were attacked young men from youth movement "Dilgir",

24.12.2007 : Issykkul deputies  have born the decision about an interdiction of peace assemblies

19.12.2007 : China’s Road Into Kyrgyzstan

19.12.2007 : Child Miners at Risk in Kyrgyzstan

19.12.2007 : Members of party “Ata Meken” started hunger strike


18.12.2007 : Kyrgyz elections fail to meet a number of OSCE commitments in missed opportunity

13.12.2007 : Chinese embassy spokesman responds to concerns about the health of Rebiya Kadeer's son in Voice of America news report

13.12.2007 : Chronicle of election campaign to parliament KR

12.12.2007 : Chronicle of election campaign to parliament KR

12.12.2007 : Yesterday on December 11 2007, in Osh were beaten 3 members of party "Ata Meken", informs press-service of the party.

12.12.2007 : Chronicle of election campaign to parliament KR

11.12.2007 : The telecasting of TV channel “September” does not work in Zhalalabad.

11.12.2007 : Candidate to deputies of parliament KR from party “Ar Namys” M. Rzaev was tortured in RDIA

11.12.2007 : State TV of Kyrgyzstan does not carry out the order of Lenin district court of Bishkek at the suit of Social party “Ata Meken”

11.12.2007 : Chronicle of election campaign

11.12.2007 : CEC KR brings an action against Dinara Oshurahunova and sends a reference to Office of Public prosecutor KR

10.12.2007 : On the eve of election authorities with help of supporting NGO’s try to eliminate other known and independent NGO

10.12.2007 : Office of public prosecutor will be opened criminal case against Edil Baisalov.

08.12.2007 : Child Miners at Risk in Kyrgyzstan

07.12.2007 : THE OBSERVATORY - for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

05.12.2007 : Chronicle of election campaign

05.12.2007 : The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

30.11.2007 : On November 27 KCHR informed on arrest of human rights activist Ulukbek Osmonov.

29.11.2007 : Mayor of  the city of Bishkek  D. Usenov breaks the constitution and human rights in Kyrgyzstan

28.11.2007 : On November 26, about 20.00 near his house, was beaten manager of area department of party "Asaba"

27.11.2007 : International and local rights groups in Kyrgyzstan have expressed alarm

27.11.2007 : Human rights activist Ulukbek Omonov detained

27.11.2007 : Kyrgyzstan: in the of Osh TV company “Mezon-TV” is robed

27.11.2007 : In Kyrgyzstan about hundred fifty inhabitants of Sokuluk area have  demanded

26.11.2007 : AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Kyrgyzstan: Dismay at murder of independent journalist in Osh

21.11.2007 : How Kyrgyz authorities scoffs at a victim of an arbitrariness

21.11.2007 : In Kyrgyzstan the militia scoffs at invalid.

20.11.2007 : New mayor of Bishkek, recently appointed by Bakiev limits the rights of citizens to peace meetings and demonstrations.

20.11.2007 : Bakiev using CEC makes everything not to let in parliament on elections that will take place on December 16

19.11.2007 : In Bishkek on November, 10th on square Alatoo, employees of militia have detained 6 participants

19.11.2007 : In Bishkek have discussed theme aboout political persecution

19.11.2007 : The authorities of Kyrgyzstan to please Uzbek regime  give out innocent Kyrgyz citizens.

08.11.2007 : Police detained in the center of Bishkek on 10 November eight participants of the action "Say NO to Dictator!"

08.11.2007 : On November 08  passed the action “Release Adilet Aitikeev”, today he is in Investigatory Isolator of SCNS.

07.11.2007 : The Kyrgyz journalists at last admitted they are under control of special services as during soviet times of KGB

30.10.2007 : Abdumomun Mamaraimov

30.10.2007 : Bakiev formally speaks about gender equality actually he destroys it.

30.10.2007 : The authorities on the threshold of parliamentary elections try to find a way

30.10.2007 : Kyrgyzstan: Ensure Justice for Murdered Journalist

26.10.2007 : In Kyrgyzstan shoot leaders of opposition

26.10.2007 : Democracy of Bakiev. The authorities of Kyrgyzstan have headed for total infringement of constitutional and suffrages of citizens

26.10.2007 : Ashirbek Temirbaev: the Air of parliamentary radio is broken because of a production association of radio relay highways

26.10.2007 : In village Kochkor of Naryn area of Kyrgyzstan the observer of a referendum was beaten

26.10.2007 : Dictatorship is strengthening

24.10.2007 : Promise  to construct a democracy and to respect human rights.

24.10.2007 : The employee of special services of Kyrgyzstan without reason shot  the inhabitant Kara-Balta

08.10.2007 : Interdictions of the authorities and the mayoralty of Bishkek, the "party of green" is planning to hold a meeting on the central square


04.10.2007 : On September 30 from my table from office dissapeared my air ticket Bishkek - Istanbul-Warsaw for October, 1st


02.10.2007 : New attacks on ofis of KCHR.

28.09.2007 : Authorities of Kyrgyzstan will steadfastly watch the finance of international NGO's.

27.09.2007 : URGENT APPEAL - THE OBSERVATORY KGZ 001 / 0907 / OBS 115 Attack

25.09.2007 : Kyrgyz-Turkish lyceum " Sebat" forced pupils from 9 to 11 classes to keep abstinence during Muslim sacred month Ramazan

25.09.2007 : In Kyrgyzstan human rights defender Maxim Kuleshov is condemned for 10 day of arrest.

17.09.2007 : In Tokmok ( Kyrgyzstan) begins the litigation, initiated by the head of the City Council of deputies against the human rights defender

17.09.2007 : Kyrgyzstan: Police crackdown on human rights picket

30.07.2007 : Urgent - Today on July 30, the house on str. Sovietskaya, where lives the leader of NGO "Democracy"



25.07.2007 : “Bilingual” education marginalizing Uyghur language instruction in East Turkistan

23.07.2007 : In Kyrgyzstan tortures have legalized? Two opinions on one law!

23.07.2007 : 1.In Naryn teenagers cut their veins because of militias ill treatment.

20.07.2007 : The Ministry of Internal Affairs leads discussion with opposition about non-admission of mass actions during summit SOC

20.07.2007 : In Naryn teenagers cut their veins because of militias ill treatment.

18.07.2007 : Case KGZ 170707 - Beatings/ Death/ Risk of impunity

10.07.2007 : In connection with that the national actress of Kyrgyzstan Salamat Sadykov

10.07.2007: Is there validity?

10.07.2007: Uyghur detained in Pakistan, at risk of extradition to China

10.07.2007: In connection with that the national actress of Kyrgyzstan Salamat Sadykov

04.07.2007 : 2.Employee of State Managment of Struggle against Organized Criminality, has shot M.Osmonaliev's leg

03.07.2007 : Before summit of Shanghai organizations of cooperation (SOC) authority have organized terror.


28.06.2007 : One of leaders of the forbidden organization Hizb ut - Tahrir is detained in Kyrghyzstan and secretly extradicted to Uzbekistan

28.06.2007 : Death Penalty in the Kyrgyz Republic is replaced by life imprisonment

27.06.2007 : In Kyrghyzstan for last monthtwo children have caught a human immunodeficiency virus during blood transfusion.

27.06.2007 : The deputy of parliament A.Keldibekov claimed against newspaper "Agym"

27.06.2007 : Several kyrgyz citizens have complained to the President of illegal actions of chief RBME

26.06.2007 : In the south of the country the number of drug addicted increased by 125%

25.06.2007 : After walk of president KR in park of Ataturk, construction and delivery of sanctions...

25.06.2007 : In details about employee of Jogorku Kenesh who was arrested on suspicion in espionage

25.06.2007 : What Colleagues - journalists tell us about Jyparkul Arykova.

25.06.2007 : On accusation of espionage journalist was arrested in Kyrgyzstan

25.06.2007 : State Secretary Adahan Madumarov : There should be a dictatorship of the lawIn Kyrghyzstan, as during Stalin times

22.06.2007 : Two employees of a local bureau of the Interpol are sentenced to imprisonment

21.06.2007 : Deputies of JK KR do not recognize voting on construction of Kambarata HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION as not lawful

21.06.2007 : In other words the summit of SOC is a big problem for kyrgyz people.

18.06.2007 : In Kyrgyzstan, probably, will be criminal punishment for separative activity

18.06.2007 : Problems with giving of radio frequencies to new independent radio channels...

18.06.2007 : With the beginning of summer vacations in Kyrgyzstan the number of children obtaining copper...

14.06.2007 : Azimbek Beknazarov : the President of Kyrgyzstan has given the instruction to chairman of the Supreme court...

14.06.2007 : Victims of Aksy tragedy (March 2002), dissatisfied with the decision of the Supreme court, have declared hunger-strike

12.06.2007 : In the receiver - allocator of Bishkek annually live 2 thousand children

12.06.2007 : In Kyrghyzstan the regional court has completely justified the chief of the children's colony who has severely beaten the teenager

12.06.2007 : In Kyrghyzstan in road and transport incident have suffered 35 recruits from 21 are beeing hospitalized

06.06.2007 : President Bush praises Rebiya Kadeer as a human rights defender

05.06.2007 : The amount of Kyrgyz children that do not go to school is about 5000.

05.06.2007 : The countries of SOC prepare for the Uniform list of the forbidden terroristical, separative organizations...

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