27.12.2006 : "For Reforms!": the Governmental crisis was artificially created before the decision of fatal questions

20.12.2006 : Dear president, please, pacify the relatives!

19.12.2006 : will be judged for fine hooliganism

19.12.2006 : Strange encouragement

12.12.2006 : Uzbekistan: Human Rights Defenders Under Siege



01.12.2006 : In Kyrghyzstan the attack is accomplished on the leader of the Coalition « For democracy and a civil society » Edil Baisalov

30.11.2006 : The next international scandal is about to errupt: the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Kyrghyzstan causes « on conversations » the authors of National interrogation

30.11.2006 : NTS: the Management of the channel is called for interrogation to SNS

30.11.2006 : O.Tekebaev: Kazakhstan does not dare to apply for a post of chairman of OSCE

30.11.2006 : O.Tekebaev: Political persecution in Kyrghyzstan becomes norm

30.11.2006 : Under the pressure of SNS the general director of Theatre of an opera and ballet T.Salamatov is exempted from the post

30.11.2006 : Heads of law enforcement bodies of Zhalalabad have expelled the journalist-the human rights defender from a seminar ..

29.11.2006 : Condition of the Uzbek refugees in Kyrgyzstan is very difficult

29.11.2006 : Caution - About inadmissibility of infringement of the law

29.11.2006 : Omurbek Tekebaev: persecutions are arriving from different directions.

21.11.2006 : PURSE - 2" or "PIOUSLY PLACE can't be EMPTY

20.11.2006 : Iraq: Dujail Trial Fundamentally Flawed. Court Should Overturn Verdict, Death Penalty

20.11.2006 : Praise for Canada’s stance on human rights in China

16.11.2006 : "Internews": Absence of political will of the President of KR brakes the creation of public TV

06.11.2006 : Photo Chronicle

06.11.2006 : The chief - editor of TV "Pyramida" T.Bektenov: We are guzzled by the authorities

06.11.2006 : Vice-president of SNS of Kyrghyzstan: we also shall interrogate deputies of the parliament in connection with a scandalous audio record

03.11.2006 : The second day of meeting of opposition in Bishkek: the reporting from a place of events (updated on a regular basis)

03.11.2006 : In the capital of Kyrgyzstan there was a firing. Two persons are killed

Before oppositions large-scale meeting criminal disassemblies became more active. It is known that some leaders of present authority are closely connected to underworld and will try to involve them against meeting of opposition. Chairman of KCHR Ramazan Dyryldaev

03.11.2006 : On the day of the meeting on November 2 the site of Internet - edition Tazar has been attacked by hackers

02.11.2006 : To the center of Bishkek groups of special troops are tightened

02.11.2006 : Kirghizia: the President is not going to bring the project of the constitution to the parliament

30.10.2006 : "Khanate" of Akmat Bakiev in Djalalabad

30.10.2006 : 2000 armor-bearers yesterday's student Maxim for certain you read in last number of our newspaper.

30.10.2006: Osh: participating in meeting against authority were beaten, with the help of a criminal who is used by the authorities.


30.10.2006 : Dear Azimbek Anarkulovich! Your reference is the document which really is worthy for people

20.10.2006 : The farmer from Kyrghyzstan, not having coped with the management of a tractor, has deprived with a lifes of the son and the wife

17.10.2006: A.Biinazarov: the Militia tries to lower business of Broadcasting Company " Pyramid " on brakes

17.10.2006: In Kyrghyzstan threat for a freedom of speech is created

17.10.2006 : Amendments Offered by the Ministry of Justice to the legislation bear real threat for a freedom of speech

17.10.2006 : Minister of Justice Kaipov suggests to put journalists for the term of from 5 till 10 years for distribution of extremist materials

17.10.2006 : Institute of Media of the Representative: Concepts « extremist materials » will serve as a megaphone for influence on "objectionable" mass-media

17.10.2006 : Batken: the Uzbek frontier guards have beaten the Kyrgyz citizens with automatic devices.

17.10.2006 : A.Sabirov: there Is a list consisting of four deputies which soon should be killed

16.10.2006 : The civil forum has put a number of requirements for the President

16.10.2006 : The expert of the Center of medicolegal examination of Kyrghyzstan is suspected of drawing up of obviously false conclusion about the reasons of death

16.10.2006 : UAA Press Release: Rebiya Kadeer congratulates Muhammad Yunus, expresses gratitude for her own Nobel nomination

16.10.2006 : 556 Azerbaijani deported from Moscow in 2006

16.10.2006 : Constitutional questions for Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro and Ukraine

16.10.2006 : In southern capital of Kyrghyzstan - city of Osh, the deputy of the parliament (Advice), the head of Osh Uzbek cultural center Aibek Alimjanov was killed on October 15, 2006.

13.10.2006 : Against a broadcasting company "Pyramid" in capital of Kyrghyzstan prepares

04.10.2006 : The Uzbek political scientists accuse NGO of Kyrghyzstan that use them for subversive activities in region

04.10.2006 : In Moscow the citizen of KR is killed. In Russia very frequently are killed migrants including from Kyrgyzstan. They become victims of nationalism, xenofobia and lawlessness

04.10.2006 : Already more than 10-days is holding hunger-strike Rustam Valiahmetov.

03.10.2006 : The opposition of Kyrgyzstan demands resignation of the president of the country

03.10.2006 : Russia helps to strengthen an authoritative mode

03.10.2006 : Special services of Kyrgyzstan have stolen Uigur active worker T. Muhammad in Kazakhstan

28.09.2006 : For Immediate Release - Kyrgyzstan: Bride-Kidnapping, Domestic Abuse Rampant

08.09.2006 : Kyrgyzstan: Frustrations about Corruption and Lack of Fair Trials are Reaching a Boiling Point

12.09.2006 : In Kyrghyzstan 50 thousand children have remained homeless in streets.

12.09.2006 : As tried to put in prison for a long time the leader of oposition Tekebaev, NSC (KGB) where actually supervises the brother of the president Bakiev-Janysh Bakiev and the son of president Marat who also holds a high post. Eshimkanov: the Polish court relied more on messages of news agencies of Kyrghyzstan

12.09.2006 : Organizers of the action on blocking a motorway Osh-Bishkek have declared their readiness to go on extreme measures in case of their prosecution

12.09.2006 : The court of Warsaw considers, that in O.Tekebaev's luggage have deliberately enclosed drugs with the purpose of discredit

12.09.2006 : Management of airport " Manas ": Incident connected with beating employees of the airport-this is caos

12.09.2006 : Melis Eshimkanov: Probably, one of the employees of airport " Manas " have simply been substituted

12.09.2006 : NSC: Shadowing was not for Eshimkanov, but for his driver, NSC at last admits that kept up, but ostensibly the driver and whether interestingly to eat the sanction of the public prosecutor.

12.09.2006 : Kabai Karabekov: the Deputy commission has established, that as the organizer of incident with Omurbek Tekebaev the native brother of the president of Kyrghyzstan has been acted

12.09.2006 : In Kara-Balta (Kyrghyzstan) the raped corpse of the schoolgirl of the second grade of local school is found

12.09.2006 : In Kyrghyzstan in isolator of the time maintenance has died under investigation

08.09.2006 : SOS!Under the information on data that was taken into custody with diplomatic passport on the border of Poland are leaders of partyAta Meken, the leader movement For reforms which gather independent parties and independent NGOs

08.09.2006 : Melis Eshimkanov: In Kyrghyzstan there comes an era of a totalitarian and dictatorial mode in sphere of mass-media / A.Beknazarov was beaten by criminal in the spring, declares M.Eshimkanov

08.09.2006 : A number of deputies have addressed to the European Parliament, the Diet (parliament), to the government of Poland with the request to consider incident from O.Tekebaev in a political plane

08.09.2006 : Supporters of Omurbek Tekebaev have blocked the highway of Bishkek - Osh

08.09.2006 : Party "Ata-Meken": Omurbek Tekebaev has fallen a victim to provocation on the part of authorities of Kyrghyzstan

28.08.2006 : Democratic movement of Uzbekistan demands from authorities of Kyrghyzstan to stop delivery of refugees to a mode of Uzbekistan

28.08.2006 : Prisoners of Djalalabad Isolation Ward of Temporary Allowance have addressed to the human rights defenders for the help

23.08.2006 : Ploice men got rid from hackneyed of the prisoner

22.08.2006 : URGENT APPEAL – THE OBSERVATORY - Attack / Ill-treatment / Arbitrary detention


20.08.2006 : Elchin Guliyev: "Uzbek and Kirghiz women are reported to be trafficked to other states through Azerbaijan"


19.08.2006 : Beating of the prisoners in isolation ward of temporary allowance of Dzhalal Abad on August 5, approves ombudsman of Kyrghyzstan

18.08.2006 : OPEN LETTER To: President of the Kyrgyz Republic Kurmanbek Bakiev

16.08.2006 : Ministry of Justice Of the Kyrgyz Republic To: Kayipov M.T.


11.08.2006 : Adil Turdukulov: Today’s top officials of Kyrgyzstan took part in the large scale embezzlement from the country’s funds.  

10.08.2006 : Press Release - Following the initiative of the chairman of the Kyrgyz Committee for Human rights R.Dyryldaev

10.08.2006 : Kyrgyz government relayed five Andijon refugees from Osh county jail.

09.08.2006 : Family of Uyghur-Canadian Huseyin Celil anxiously awaits word of his fate

08.08.2006 : Details of murder of imam of Karasuu mosque  M. Kamalov.

27.07.2006 : Inhabitant of Zhalalabad declares, that she was stolen by people of deputy K.Batyrov

27.07.2006 : The group of women, grasping on July, 12 in the city of Dzhalalabad a building of joint-stock company

27.07.2006 : The Orlov Kumtor is IN THE PRICE

27.07.2006 : At children and the teenagers working in tailing pound in village Orlovka of Kemin region,

27.07.2006 : In the Tadjik prisons for half-year 48 prisoners have died

26.07.2006 : The third part of "moths" of the Kyrgyz city Osh is made of inhabitants of Uzbekistan

26.07.2006 : Russia puts pressure upon Kyrgyzstan on a conclusion of the American military base using power dependence.

26.07.2006 : The President of AUCA calls to adapt the juridical education in Kyrgyzstan for democratic needs

26.07.2006 : The deputy of parliament of Kyrgyzstan accused of participation in beating women

22.07.2006 : Amnesty International. Europe and Central Asia: Summary of Amnesty International's Concerns in the Region: July – December 2005

20.07.2006 : Chairman of the Society of human rights of Uzbekistan Talib Yakubov was gone

20.07.2006 : In Osh A.Juldashev's daughter, the leader of "akramists" is arrested.

20.07.2006 : In Osh five citizens of Uzbekistan are arrested

18.07.2006 : Turkmenistan: Open letter from a coalition of human rights organizations

17.07.2006 : It would not be desirable to trust, but, similar, that authorities of Bishkek are going to cheat further Taitoro Batyrkulov.

17.07.2006 : Nobody wants to be responsible for execution.

15.07.2006 : Everyone who keeps upwith the events occuring in Turkmenistan, know about...

12.07.2006 : Kyrgyzstan repeats Russia concerning independent NGO's and foreign diplomats.

12.07.2006 : Students of Law faculty of AUCA are ready to declare termless hunger-strike

12.07.2006 : The American University in Central Asia declares illegality of a response of the license of its faculty of law

10.07.2006 : To edition there has come the letter from 32 years Shailoobek Sheraliev.

10.07.2006 : The deputy of parliament of Kyrgyzstan Azimbek Beknazarov is afraid for the life

06.07.2006 : Uigurs have lead picket near embassy of Chinese Republic

06.07.2006 : Picket at embassy of China in Kyrgyzstan

06.07.2006 : The "Asaba" Party is going to promote the activity in regions. But it is prevented by officials

06.07.2006 : Chinese influence on neighboring states leads to extradition, suppression of Uyghurs


03.07.2006 : Silent victims

03.07.2006 : Orozbaev: my supporters are ready to block roads and to go to Bishkek

03.07.2006 : International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) - Kyrgyzstan - Regime changed, Impunity persists

03.07.2006 : Uzbekistan deports a Canadian Uyghur to a deeply uncertain fate in China