30.05.2007 : On 28-May during conference organized by KCHR and IHF (Vienna) one of participants

29.05.2007 : Eight inhabitants of Talas area of Kyrghyzstan are arrested by law enforcement bodies on May 26-27, 2007.

27.05.2007 : Dispersal of the people who are holding a meeting

24.05.2007 : The Central Bank of Russia goes on a trace of financial activity of younger Bakiev

14.05.2007 : The well known editor of the kyrgyz broadcasting company NBT Victor Plotnikov was beaten.

14.05.2007 : On Sunday, May, 13, in district Karasu

14.05.2007 : There was an attemt at independent journalist Erkin Turaliev.

14.05.2007 : The journalist at time serving to Akaev's family asserts, that has proofs about participation of an environment of the president of Kyrghyzstan in drug bisness

14.05.2007 : Oppositional newspapers "Agym" and Kyrgyz Ruhu , which earlier were arrested

30.04.2007 : The statement

28.04.2007 : The Ministry of Justice of Kyrghyzstan develops the law limiting free movement of participants of meetings

26.04.2007 : Case KGZ 250407 Arbitrary arrest/ Alleged ill-treatment/ Death

24.04.2007 : Authority that put Turdieva to psychological hospital

20.04.2007 : Turat Maldybekov, the veteran of militia: In the management of militia work proteges of OCG(Organized Criminal Group)

17.04.2007 : Circumstances of death of the participant of political hunger-strike Bektemir Akunov

16.04.2007 : Lawyer Ikramidin Aitkulov: Organizers of meeting of Intercorporated Front of Kulov should transfer..

16.04.2007 : National movement of Kyrgyzstan has refused to carry out peace meetings

16.04.2007 : Kyrgyzstan : In Bishkek 147 participants of meeting of opposition are arrested

16.04.2007 : Authorities of Kyrgyzstan have shown the discontent to chairman of OSCE Migel Moratinos

16.04.2007 : Human rights defender Cholpon Djakupova: there is a certain private decree..

16.04.2007 : The president of Kyrgyzstan has declared, that he is not going to delay the constitutional reform

16.04.2007 : The latest news from Azamat Kalman

16.04.2007 : The group of unknown people of a sports constitution have fastened fight at the House..

16.04.2007 : The chronicle on 14-April in Bishkek

14.04.2007 : Let's remind, that participants of meeting have been detained in the evening on April, 12.

14.04.2007 : The incorporated front: "the Ministry of Internal Affairs started arrests"

14.04.2007 : Personal relations become priority in the Kirghiz politics.

13.04.2007 : In addition (Details of an attack on journalists of V-channel " NTS ")

12.04.2007 : Kirghizistan : Agression de M. Ramazan Dyryldaev

12.04.2007 : Number of opositioners are ready to make the self-burning act

Реформы без Бакиева!

Юрты установлены. Почитаем газеты?

Pressure on Journalists Intensifying While Political Unrest Grows -A Human Rights Defender Also Threatened

11.04.2007 : Kyrgyzstan by efforts of silly politicians divided into the South and North

11.04.2007 : Feliks Kulov has told to leading Russian mass-media about the vision of a political situation in Kyrgyzstan.

11.04.2007 : Rosa Otunbaeva: we have actually returned to bases of the November Constitution

11.04.2007 : The president of Kyrgyzstan has directed the project of new edition of the Constitution to parliament

11.04.2007 : Djalalabad telechannel "September" was deprived with an access of electricity

11.04.2007 : Rebiya Kadeer's oldest son forced to head Working Group on fines against Kadeer family 

10.04.2007 : On the area are established about 11-12 yiurts

10.04.2007 : F.Kulov: In meeting will take part about 50 thousand person

10.04.2007 : Ex-employees of ministry of internal affairs are readu for meetings, hunger-strikes and self-burnings...

10.04.2007 : Human Rights defenders accuse leaders of opposition in agression and attempts of violence over the country.

10.04.2007 : The president of Kyrgyzstan: In the country there is a lawful authority elected by people and we shall not allow anybody to doubt of it

10.04.2007 : Kyrgyzstan: the Local TV has shown a plot how starving oppositionists have dinner in cafe

10.04.2007 : Ф.Кулов и его команда / F. Kulov and his team

09.04.2007: Because of silly politicians Kyrgyzstan divided on the north - south.

09.04.2007 : Attack on known human rights defender Dyryldaev Ramazan

06.04.2007 : The assistant of the secretary of Security Council of Kyrghyzstan, colonel Alik Orozov has submitted resignation

06.04.2007 : Participants of political hunger-strike in capital of Kyrgyzstan have passed instructing.

05.04.2007 : What is Intercorporated front doing which is led by Kulov, pushing people on self-burning.

05.04.2007 : Kulov has refused to meet with Bakiev and has sounded additional requirement

05.04.2007 : To old friend Feliks Sharshenbaevich Kulov

05.04.2007 : The assistant of the secretary of Security Council of Kyrghyzstan, colonel Alik Orozov has submitted resignation

04.04.2007 : Upon a non-staff employee of "24.kg" in the city of Karakol (Kyrghyzstan) puts constant pressure

04.04.2007: Criminal punishment for slander and the insult - is not cancelled

04.04.2007 : Chairman of Military court of Chui garrison Ashymbek Nurlan uulu

02.04.2007 : Beaten 9 condemned in the corrective colony (CC) 16, taking place in town Belovodsk.

02.04.2007: In Kyrghyzstan one more attack was accomplished on the TV reporter

02.04.2007 : In Batken participants of meeting on support of stability and the world have fired numbers of republican newspaper "Agym"

28.03.2007: In Kyrghyzstan the opposition of authority and opposition becomes dangerous...

27.03.2007 : The Office of Public Prosecutor involves criminal proceedings the human rights defender...

27.03.2007 : Bakiev: I am ready to meet any politician at any time, day or night

Report of International Helsinki Federation

22.03.2007: Deputy Rashid Tagaev has named corruptionist 1 in Kyrghyzstan the president of the country Kurmanbek Bakiev

22.03.2007: The attack is accomplished on journalist of KTR

22.03.2007: To Kyrghyzstan from China have arrived special means used at mass peace demonstrations

17.03.2007 : Inspector Shatenov . has brought an action against the author of an article by Sergey Bogdanov

16.03.2007 : TORTURES

09.03.2007 : Journalists of Kyrghyzstan have signed the declaration on non-use of the unfair information and "dirty" technologies

08.03.2007 : Deputy of JK of KR A.Beknazarov is going in court to challenge legality of the December Constitution

07.03.2007 : In capital of Kyrghyzstan spot-check of militia " Butterfly " is directed including on struggle against AIDS

07.03.2007 : In capital of Kyrghyzstan the prostitutes will be forced to pass medical inspection

07.03.2007 : As a result of family quarrel inhabitant of Aravan area of Kyrghyzstan has burn herself

07.03.2007 : Discrimination of women

07.03.2007 : In Kyrghyzstan officials are forced to sign the "Obligation"

06.03.2007 : So how much is the child labour now? Heavy life of children in Kyrghyzstan by the example of the city of Sulukty
06.03.2007 : The army is calling the patients with tuberculosis

23.02.2007 : Human Trafficing

23.02.2007 : M.Eshimkanov: the Agency of communication restrains a telechannel "September"

19.02.2007 : Yesterday there was an attempt of an attack accomplished on deputies Tekebaev and Beknazarov

14.02.2007 : The Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights (KCHR) together with RC "Batiya" and Uyghur American Association

14.02.2007 : An arbitrariness concerning minors

13.02.2007 : On February 11 there was a fire at office of the newspaper Kyrgyz Ruhu as a result of which the office equipment of edition has suffered.

08.02.2007 : The murderer who has drowned the victim in a public toilet, has voluntary surrendered

08.02.2007 : In Kadamjai a 72-year old husband is accused of murder of his wife 02-02-2007

22.01.2007 : VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN - Ill-treatment by a State agent/ Impunity/ Judicial proceedings 


15.01.2007 : Deputy A.Beknazarov declares, to K.Bakiev for the signature was sent counterfeit edition of the Constitution

15.01.2007 : A.Beknazarov: on Bakiev's table lays "false" Constitution

15.01.2007 : Who has sentenced Sadyrbaev, Tekebaev and Beknazarov to death?

11.01.2007 : 2007 Human Rights Watch Report on Kyrgyzstan

10.01.2007 : Chinese government's claims of Uyghur terrorism still lack substance

09.01.2007 : To the journalist - human rights defender is threatened 10 years of imprisonment

09.01.2007 : Unknown people tried to penetrate into the room of Broadcasting Company

09.01.2007 : Armed attack on an independent broadcasting company has taken place in the south of Kyrghyzstan

08.01.2007 : K.Asanov: kyrgyz citizens Bakyt

08.01.2007 : URGENT APPEAL – THE OBSERVATORY Ill-treatment / Arbitrary detention - Uzbekistan