30.06.2005: Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights, due to the presidential elections of Kyrgyz Republic on July 10, 2005, has the following statement

30.06.2005: Scandal around the IUK (International University of Kyrgyzstan)

30.06.2005: CEC of Kyrgyzstan refused to accept the signed lists of G. Ibragimova, candidate to the presidency

30.06.2005: Russia had data on preparation of operation in Andijan on overthrow of authority - Sergey Ivanov.

27.06.2005: PRIME-MINISTER OF KYRGYZSTAN IS DECLARED IN SEARCH IN WHOLE RUSSIA 2.The prosecutor general put charges on Aidar Akaev and ask parliament to deprive his deputy immunity

24.06.2005: Gen. Public Prosecutor of Kyrgyzstan not to give back Uzbek refugees until identification procedures finish

24.06.2005: SOS! / Concerned about the destiny of looking for refuge people from Andijan

24.06.2005: Parliamentary Assembly / Assemblée parlementaire The asylum situation in Kyrgyzstan

23.06.2005: Department of migratory service: to speak about giving the status of refugees to Uzbek citizens is untimely

22.06.2005: Children of the former president participate in an attempt of a coup.

22.06.2005: The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Uzbekistan demands to deport the refugees



14.06.2005: URGENT APPEAL - THE OBSERVATORY - New information TKM 001 / 0603 / OBS 027.1 Harassment / Ill-treatment Turkmenistan June 14, 2005

14.06.2005: The State Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed violations in privatization of boarding houses on Issyk-Kul and is intending to return some of them

14.06.2005: Application of the Kyrgyz committee for human rights (ÊÊÏ×) - RIA "News" has distributed the message under heading "Russia is ready for a preventive impact on terrorists.

13.06.2005: Application of the Kyrgyz committee for human rights (ÊÊÏ×)

12.06.2005: Details of the incident in Kyrgyz-tajik borders

12.06.2005: Extract from the IHF report Human Rights in the OSCE Region: Europe, Central Asia and North America, Report 2005 (Events of 2004)

12.06.2005: In Bishkek the deputy of parliament was shot: Criminals have disappeared on white "Mercedes"

12.06.2005 : For Immediate Release: Kyrgyzstan: Uzbek Asylum Seekers Sent Back

08.06.2005: Details of criminal case against Tanaev. Former prime-minister of Kyrgyzstan will be arrested for corruption, signing of anti-constitutional decisions, and also for frauds with passports.

07.06.2005: URGENT APPEAL - THE OBSERVATORY - The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), requests your urgent intervention in the following situation in Uzbekistan.

06.06.2005: Deputies of the parliament, party leaders and owner of the newspaper “Asaba” take the responsibility for murderers of colonel Ch.Aliev and others who were killed Main suspected is in search The criminal case, where the review starts in court, is more about other ordered murders.

27.05.2005: For Immediate Release: - Kyrgyzstan: Say No to Return of Uzbek Refugees


27.05.2005: Statement by the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Dr. Dimitrij Rupel on the situation in Uzbekistan

27.05.2005: U.S. Urges Credible International Investigation in Uzbekistan

27.05.2005: U.S. Again Urges Independent Inquiry into Violence in Uzbekistan. State’s Boucher voices concern about "arbitrary arrests and intimidation"

26.05.2005: Corruption by Akayev’s relatives.

25.05.2005: Dear Prime Minister and Acting President Kurmanbek Bakiev

24.05.2005: Human rights defenders are talking about necessity to secure Kyrgyz-Uzbek border.

24.05.2005: Public Fund “Kylym shamy” is standing for land capturers

23.05.2005: Corruption - Scandal in the company of the son of the former Kyrgyz president

23.05.2005: F.Kulov declares that borders between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are guarded by Kyrgyz border workers

23.05.2005: Protests against arrests took place in Uzbek city of Karasuu

23.05.2005: In Ashkhabad a Russian colonel and “conspirator” B.Beknazarov are arrested

23.05.2005: Agreement about eternal friendship is ratified with Uzbek nation, but not with Karimov

23.05.2005: Candidate to the president of Kyrgyzstan accuses the opponent in violation of pre-elections campaign rules.

23.05.2005: Taalai Kychkynov was kidnapped by employees of the Pervomaiskiy department of internal affairs

21.05.2005: HELSINKI COMMISSION PROBES UZBEK CRISIS - Commission Chair Brownback says Uzbek Leader at Crossroads

20.05.2005: International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) - Press Release - Bloody repression in Uzbekistan - The FIDH urges for an international inquiry mission

19.05.2005: On weakness of the present government

18.05.2005: There was tension between militia and land capturers

17.05.2005: Karimov does not have facts on connection of “Akromia” with extremists.

16.05.2005: Kyrgyz coalition: Pre-elections agreement of Bakiev and Kulov: Full text.

13.05.2005 : Events in Andijan: Kyrgyz way with Islamic direction? ........ “it seems that there are cars burnt with people inside”.

12.05.2005: 1.Member of the Political council of “Ar-Namys” party stated that in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan administrative resource is being used against F. Kulov.

12.05.2005: CHILDREN died in Kadamjaiskyi rayon because of Uzbek mines.

11.05.2005: President’s administration delayed the congress of judges.

11.05.2004: Dear Secretary Rice, We are writing to ask you to encourage the government of Kyrgyzstan to promote political stability

10.05.2005: Urgent - Persecutions and threats against hunger strikers and human rights defenders.

06.05.2005: How Akayev falsified a criminal case against Beknazarov.

06.05.2005: Dear friends the letter below was sent to Prime-Minister Bakiev’s office on May 3, 2005 together with letters from IHF, FIDH, OMCT and UN NGO desk. To acting President of Kyrgyz Republic, acting Prime-Minister of Kyrgyz Republic.

06.05.2005: Deputy minister of Ministry of education G. Ibragimova: There is an order to eliminate me from my post, as socially dangerous person, or only for working during Akayev’s regime.

06.05.2005: Jenishbek Nazaraliev is suiting acting president Kurmanbek Bakiev.

06.05.2005: Hunger strike of the railroad workers at the Kyrgyz railroad department is still taking place

06.05.2005: Those who are inside the Supreme Court building declared a hunger strike

06.05.2005: Demonstrators are planning to take over the Supreme Court, if their demands won’t be heard.

06.05.2005: Tengiz Gudava: Gloomy morning of Kyrgyzstan

1.Conflicting situation between supporters of R.Jeenbekov and J.Imanaliev is heightening and might cause a civil war
2.Blockade villages appeared in Batken (conflicts on the border with Uzbekistan)

06.05.2005: Making participants of the peaceful meeting go away

06.05.2005: Situation - Incident on the border

04.05.2005: Those who are inside the Supreme Court building declared a hunger strike

04.05.2005: Those who are inside the Supreme Court building declared a hunger strike

04.05.2005: Corruption of the new government

04.05.2005: Those who are inside the Supreme Court building declared a hunger strike

03.05.2005: Number of children in children centers of Kyrgyzstan increased for more than three times.

27.04.2005: Kyrgyz captured the Supreme court

26.04.2005: Only 20% of customs income was transferred to the state budget, other means were stolen

21.04.2005: The protesters beat up deputy Sarpashev and judge Azimjanov

20.04.2005: Conflict between the KCHR chairman Ramazan Dyryldaev with the chair of the Constitutional Court Cholpon Baekova

14.04.2005: Today on April 13, 2005, at 9am in Torken village of Toktogul rayon of Jalal-Abad oblast supporters of deputy candidate Sarpashev started a political action.

13.04.2005: HRW - A New Human Rights Agenda, Letter to Acting President Kurmanbek Bakiev

12.04.2005: HRW - Kyrgyzstan: Protecting Rights Should Top the Agenda

11.04.2005: Kulov is justified

10.04.2005: Corruption - Shadow financial flows, ostensibly going to the family of A.Akayev from business firms are up to 2 million USD.

07.04.2005: D. Sadyrbaev, member of the KCHR board and a deputy made a statement during the parliament session. According to him doctor ( ) of B. Januzakov was under pressure from the side of authorities.

07.04.2005: Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan has adopted an acquittal regarding the case of the well-known politician of the republic Felix Kulov.

06.04.2006: For whom and for what purpose the revolution was done? K. Bakiev and Otunbaeva Roza have big families and they are busy with positioning them. In this relation they are not any different from Akayev…

06.04.2005: K. Bakiev and Otunbaeva Roza have big families and they are busy with positioning them. In this relation they are not any different from Akayev…

04.04.2005: In the Kyrgyz Embassy in Moscow, Askar Akayev signed a request of resignation from the post of a president

02.04.2005: The regime of Akaev has started the massive attack on the most popular websites of Kyrgyzstan


28.03.2005: Kampf um Funk und Fernsehen - VON IRENE ZÖCH (Die Presse) 23.03.2005
Das Regime Akajew kappte den freien Medien in Kirgisien die Stromleitungen.

28.03.2005: "Die Revolution war nicht geplant" Ex-Parlamentarier Ramazan Dyryldaev: Akajew hat Millionen Dollar abgezweigt

President Askar Akaev steps down

23.03.2005: Photos of beating of peaceful demonstrators in Bishkek at 23.03.2005 by the relative of Askar Akaev the new minister of Internal Affairs General Duischebaev. K

23.03.2005: Mikheil Saakashvili - Tbilisi, Georgia (unofficial translation) H.E. Askar Akaev President of the Kyrgyz Republic / Dear President Akaev,

23.03.2005: Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights Press Release

23.03.2005: Photo from Vienna Austria

23.03.2005: Subject: Assistant chair of the “Ar Namys” party E. Aliev is detained;Statement of Public Association “Kylym Shamy”

22.03.2005: Photo Cronicle

21.03.2005: The Kyrgyz opposition in written form has suggested authorities to carry on negotiations

20.03.2005: Urgent, urgent, urgent - The special troops, OMON and other services draw from SHOS and ODKB have attacked the peace demonstrators asserting them constitutional rights in Djal-abad and Osh. Many demonstrators were beaten, wounded and killed.

19.03.2005: Already eight buildings of region and oblast administrations were captured;Deputies of the city administration of Osh did not support mayor Chermashev

19.03.2005: “Ar Namys”: An assassination attempt against Kulov is being prepared

19.03.2005: Kyrgyzstanis Abroad - Unite Appeal of the Coordination Council of Kyrgyzstanis Abroad 20 March 2005

19.03.2005: Ambassador Stephen M. Young's Press Conference at AKI Press Agency

19.03.2005: HRW- Human Rights Watch - Central Asia Protests in Kyrgyzstan


18.03.2005: Osh oblast state administration is captured.

18.03.2005: Groups for protection of participants of the meeting and citizens were established in Jalalabad.

17.03.2005: President Akayev’s address raised discontent among people.

17.03.2005: President Akayev’s address raised discontent among people.

- Cronicle of the day - Djalalabad / Kyrgyzstan


- Supporters of Ravshan Jeenbekov accuse the authorities
- Supporters of Madumarov massively went to the streets in Kurshabda
- Elections will take place again in Ton
- Voters from Toktogul blocked the Bishkek – Osh highway.
- On March 15, people’s assembly will take place in Jalalabad
- Two opposing meetings took place in Sokuluk
- People demand resignation of Askar Akayev in Jalalabat
- A protest action demanding resignation of Akayev also took place in Osh.
- A protest action took place in Batken
- E. Baisalov: Amount of violations during the elections influences the election results

15.03.2005: BISHKEK, 14 March 2005 - The 13 March second round of the parliamentary elections in the Kyrgyz Republic

12.03.2005: International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)
Humans rights violations in Kyrgyzstan in advance of the second ballot of the parliamentary elections

Images from Jalalabad - Kygyzstan

08.03.2005: Jalalabad – Candidate to the deputy from Karaunkur district # 25, Kurmanbek Bakiev suggested to urgently conduct a session of Jogorku Kenesh in the nearest future. In this session the issue of sooner presidential elections in KR would be discussed. He informed about this on March 6 in Jalalabad during the meeting with participants of the meeting.

08.03.2005: The reason why people from south hold a meeting, grasp administrations of oblast and regions. Irreparable can take place …

07.03.2005: Reporters Without Borders Press Release - International Women's Day

US Department of State - Kyrgyz Republic
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2004
Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor - February 28, 2005

06.03.2005 : ELECTIONS IN KYRGYZSTAN INCONCLUSIVE By Peter Finn - Washington Post Foreign Service

04.03.2005: Injustice and absence of obedience to the law cause these steps. Akayev’s regime is causing such actions through its actions against the mass media, NGO, and opposition. The government did not hear calls of international and local organizations and this caused the following.

04.03.2005: To the president of the Kyrgyz Republic

04.03.2005: Kyrgyz elections competitive but fell short of OSCE commitments in important areas

02.03.2005: Washington, D.C. (Feb. 28, 2005)– The Uyghur American Association/ Uyghur Human Rights Project hails the U.S. State Department’s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2004.........

01.03.2005: Conclusion of the Mission of international observers of the Network of Pluralism centers on parliamentary elections in KR of February 27.

27.02.2005: Attack and threats on U. Melisbek’s family, who is the owner of the domain of the Internet sites KYRGYZ.US and Gazeta.kg

26-02-2005: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kyrgyzstan: Radio station suspended days before parliamentary elections. New York, February 25, 2005

25.02.2005: J. Nazaraliev: Reaction to my article has already started.

25.02.2005: Informational Agency AKIpress - FM and VHF transmitters of radio “Azattyk” were shut down today.

25.02.2005: Elections 2005: chronicle for February 24, 3 days before elections

25.02.2005: Humans rights violations in Kyrgyzstan in advance of parliamentary elections

25.02.2005 : PRESS FREDDOM - PRESS RELEASE - Authorities harass independent media ahead of legislative elections

23.02.2005: Highways Bishkek - Òorugart and Balykchi-Karakol remain blocked by the protesters where candidates have illegally been removed from elections

23.02.2005: Kyrgyz Authorities Violating OSCE Commitments by Interfering with Democratic Process

23.02.2005: The International League for Human Rights, an international, non-governmental human rights organization with consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, is deeply concerned about the recent violations of civil and political rights in Kyrgyzstan surrounding the forthcoming parliamentary elections on February 27, 2005.

23.02.2005: The Washington Post - Editorial / Counterrevolution

22.02.2005 : In Astana ministers of foreign affairs of member states of Shanghai Organization for Cooperation will discuss pre-election situation in Kyrgyzstan and the ways of neutralizing in case of complications.

22.02.2005 : Students of Kyrgyzstan swear: for the future of the republic let’s free ourselves from fear and lawlessness.

22.02.2005 Members of the Kyrgyz Committee of Human Hights and Members of the oposition protesting against closure of the independent newspaper MCN.

16.02.2005: I remember how Mairam Akayeva in one of her interviews said that she was building a house. She said it touchingly, as if she was dreaming of her own house for so long, and she never had one.

16.02.2005: Press Freedom/ Liberté de la presse
KYRGYZSTAN - President manipulates media in runup to legislative elections

14.02.2005: Employees of the oblast NSS are making psychological pressures on journalists.

15.02.2005: HRW - Repression in Advance of Elections, Letter to Kyrgyz President Askar Akaev, February 14, 2005

15.02.2005: HRW - Appendix to Human Rights Watch’s February 14, 2005 Letter to President Askar Akaev

14.02.2005: Ambassadors of the KR should not be allowed for position of deputy, but a businessman living in Russia was allowed through bribing. Who got the bribe?

14.02.2005: Democracy rising in ex-Soviet states. Aftershocks of Ukraine and Georgia are stirring up rallies in Central Asia.
MOSCOW - The peaceful street revolts that recently brought democratic change to Georgia and Ukraine could spawn copy-cat upheavals against authoritarian regimes across the former Soviet Union, experts say.

14.02.2005: KARAKOL. A governor Tokon Shailieva puts pressure on independent candidates.

10.02.2005: Story of rejecting the registration of former ambassadors contradicts the Constitution of KR, Laws of KR, and the International pact on civil and political rights.

New Information - KGZ 002 / 0803 / OBS 044.6 - Threat of arrest / Defamation - Kyrgyzstan - February 8, 2005

Forum that took place in Osh and was oppressed.

07.02.2005: Attempt of arrest of KCHR chairman Dyryldaev R.

07.02.2005: HRW - Human Rights Watch. Kyrgyzstan World Report 2005: Index

03.02.2005: NGOs' vision of the new EBRD Energy Policy (2005)

04.02.2005: From: "Nury Turkel" Subject: UAA Letter to Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul

04.02.2005: New method of corruption to promote the relatives of Akayev’s family.

01.02.2005: Kyrgyz Opposition Under Pressure - Deputies and activists claim that the authorities are trying to intimidate them into silence.

01.02.2005: Chairman of Administration of Internal Affairs of Bishkek city (AIA) considers un-constitutional actions of militia to be constitutional, this means that OSCE project failed, and this was actually stated several times by Kyrgyzstan civil society groups.

01.02.2005: Careful, do not get dirty! Black PR of Toigonbaev again started blackening our web site!

01.02.2005: One hundred one methods to “honestly” take away money for Akayev’s ruling family.

01.02.2005: President Akayev forces his governors to conduct meetings in order to call to leave him for another term.

28.01.2005 IRIN\ ANKARA, 27 January (IRIN) - A leading rights activist has warned of possible violence in the run-up to next month's parliamentary elections in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan.

27.01.2005: KCHR - Kyrgyzstan: Ukraine-2004 or Tajikistan 1992?

26.01.2005: URGENT Court processes on LEADERS of OPPOSITION are taking place in Bishkek.

26.01.2005: Violations of International Standards in the Kyrgyz Parliamentary Campaign

17.01.2005: Civil Society: KYRGYZSTAN PROTESTS: REHEARSAL FOR REVOLUTION? Andrei Gordeyev


Students are being forced to gather signatures in support for Bermet Akaeva's nomination.

16.01.2005: Members of militia attacked Deputy B. Sherniyazov’s driver. January 10, 2005, at around 5:30pm, four members of militia, who showed their identity cards captured the driver of oppositionist deputy Bolotbek Sherniyazov.

Internet-forgery is being distributed by informational agency, which belongs to President's son in law Toigonbaev.


Abdan Shukeev

10.01.2005: Elections in Kyrgyzstan - 2005
After R. Otunbaeva was rejected in registration the opposition of Kyrgyzstan started its action. Today the picket in the center of the capital was organized.

Social outcasts in their own country

07.01.2005: We are ready to stand, go, starve